Catches near Clarington

Clarington Catches

Below are some of the photos submitted by our users of fish caught near Clarington. Our users catch all sorts of fish in the lakes and rivers near Clarington and love to share them. You can share your catches and the stories behind them by signing up and posting your photos.

Clarington is a small town in Durham County Ontario, Canada. Local anglers have a select list of lakes to chose from when looking to land that massive lunker. Of the 32 lakes nearby, these are some of the best; Brown Lake, Samac Lake, Lake Scugog, Chalk Lake, Brookdale Lake, Wagner Lake, Lily Lake, Rice Lake, Lazy Lake and Long Lake. For those anglers preferring to fish in rivers, creeks and streams, they will find the area around Clarington offers about 112 options within 50 km. Some of these rivers are Mackie Creek, Orono Creek, Stalker Creek, Hunter Creek, Soper Creek, Lytle Creek, Bowmanville Creek, West Side Creek, Foster Creek and Wilmot Creek.

Clarington Catches Results

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